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Vastu Tips for Your East Facing House

Vastu Shastra, an ancient science that governs Indian architecture, promotes energy flow within spaces through specific arrangement and placement of natural elements such as sun, rain, water, fire, and wind. It is believed to promote physical and mental well-being vastu for east facing house.

Vastu Shastra suggests that vastu for east facing house are auspicious, bringing positive energy, goodwill, relationships, abundance, and luck.

However, it is important to ensure that the vastu for east facing house compliant, as a home that does not follow nature may not provide benefits and may cause trouble to the family members.

If there is a Vastu defect in your house, even if it is an vastu for east-facing house, family members will have to face problems.East Facing House

Therefore, you must follow the rules of Vastu Shastra while designing and building your home.

If you need any help in designing the house or seeing or understanding the Vastu Shastra of the house and the construction work, then you can contact Naksha Vastu anytime.

We share with you professional insights on vastu for east-facing house properties in the blog below.

We discuss room space, decor items, color selection, and more. Additionally, we also share with you tips about North East facing, West facing, West North facing, South facing, North facing houses and remedies for South East facing houses.

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What is an vastu for east facing house?

If you are inside your vastu for east facing house, facing the front door, this is the direction you are facing when you go out. If you face east while going out, then your residence is towards east.

According to Vastu Shastra, one of the best things is to have a house or flat which faces east. From a scientific perspective, the Sun rises in the east, giving people living in east-facing homes the first few hours of sunlight. Morning sunlight is beneficial for health.

Most positive energy is obtained through this route.

Positive effects on health vastu for east facing house

Positive effects on health

Vastu associates the vastu for east house direction with health and vitality. Living in an east-facing house is believed to promote physical health, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle.

vastu for east facing house Financial Prosperity

house Financial Prosperity

In the complex web of Vastu for east facing house principles, the east direction has been associated with financial prosperity and growth. Building your home following these principles is believed to attract wealth and financial stability

What is an vastu for east facing house vastu plan?

An vastu for east-facing house vastu plan aligns with Vastu Shastra principles, with the main entrance facing east. This layout attracts positive energy and abundance.
It requires two entry points, The main entrance door one larger with two shutters and the other smaller with one, promoting a smooth flow of energy within the house.

To construct an east-facing house, follow a Vastu-compliant house plan to ensure positive energy flow.
Consult an architect or planner for a customized plan. The east-facing house plan is divided into nine padas.
Vastu tips include placing the main doors in the fifth pada, avoiding first, second, eighth, and ninth padas for main doors, and applying Vastu remedies for main entrances.
Leave a minimum of six inches of space from the northeast wall when placing doors in the first pada.

  • Place the primary doors in the fifth pada, if your property is east-facing. It draws admiration, notoriety, and acknowledgment. You can also use the third, fourth, sixth, or seventh padas if the fifth pada is small.
  • Here, when planning the main door, stay away from the first, second, eighth, and ninth padas.
  • In Vastu, the eighth and ninth padas are not allowed at the main door of an east-facing house because this is the point of entry for illness. If there is a main door, Vastu remedies should be used.
  • Give yourself at least six inches of clearance from the northeast wall if you choose to place the door in the first pada.

What does the vastu for east facing house Pada represent?

Vastu Shastra says that a site can be divided into several sections by using Vastu Purusha Mandal to create 81 small squares (9X9=81). Each component or phase is a term or energy field. There are nine posts in total. Using Pada 1 and 2 is prohibited, as they may not be helpful. However, if there is no option, make sure there is at least six inches of space between you and the north-east facing wall. Southwest Pada has been ranked ninth and Northwest Pada has been ranked first.

For a residence vastu for east facing, the fifth position is considered to be the most auspicious position for the main entrance.

How to calculate the Vastu for east-facing house?

It’s critical that you comprehend what vastu for east facing house means and can recognise an east facing house and apartment while analysing the Vastu for an east facing dwelling.

But a common misconception made by many is to assume that a vastu for east facing house is one that faces the rising sun.
To comprehend this, one must be aware that the sun’s rising orientation varies during a year and that the earth’s axis of rotation is inclined by 23.5 degrees.

In other words, as the earth completes one revolution around the sun, the seasons change. Twice a year, specifically on March 20 or 21 and September 22 or 23, the sun rises in precisely the east.

Use a compass that points precisely northward to calculate the vastu for east-facing house direction according to Vastu.

One reliable method of figuring out which way is east is to use a compass.

Proceed to leave the residence via the front door. Your door faces vastu for east facing house, indicating that the house is facing east if that is the direction you are facing.

Vastu for vastu for east facing house or flat

Under the principles of Vastu Shastra, vastu for east facing house locations are considered beneficial for structures and multi-storey flats. This direction is also not considered best for single houses or bungalows. Additionally, there are certain Vastu standards, concepts and laws that should be followed while applying Vastu in an east facing house.

vastu for East facing house for main door Vastu

The main door is the point of entry of positive energy into the vastu for east facing house and acts as a link between it and the outside world. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the main door is positioned correctly following Vastu principles. When the house is out of line it can be inauspicious and harm the for main door Vastu

While designing the main entrance for an vastu for east-facing house, the first step is to visualize the east length of the house and divide it into nine equal parts, starting from the northeast corner (first step/pada) and ending with the southeast corner. End at the corner (ninth step). /Post). According to the Vastu rules of the main entrance of vastu for east-facing houses, each section is called a pad or stair. Since Surya, the god of fame, resides there, the fifth position is lucky for the front door. It will bring infamy, infamy, and dishonor to the local people.

Vastu experts say that, when listed from top to bottom, the eight positions on the eastern corner are Agni, Jayanta, Indra, Surya, Satya, Bhrisha, Antriksh, and Anil. Jayant or Indra Pad is considered to be the most auspicious place for the main entrance of the Vastu house, which faces east. It is said that this alignment will bring wealth and contentment to the family.

If your house faces east, be careful where you place the entrance of the main door. According to Vastu, it is unfortunate to keep the main door in any corner other than the middle in an east facing house. So, make sure your entrance is exactly in the middle.
Assuming that your entrance door is located in the northeast corner, make sure that the main door remains outside the corner. You can do this by leaving a distance of at least 6 inches or 1/2 foot between the wall and the main door.

If the main entrance of your house is towards vastu for south-east then use these remedies to balance Vastu Dosha:

  1. Place three Vastu pyramids Vastu pyramidsin the centre, one on either side of the door and the third above the main door.
  2. You can also apply Om, Swastika and Trishul symbols on both sides of the door.Swastik Om Trishul
  3. Install Siddha Shukra Yantra Siddha Shukra Yantrato remove negative energy from the house.
  4. If you want to increase the positive energy generated in this corner area, you can also use a Siddha Vastu Kalash.Siddha Vastu Kalash

Kitchen Vastu for east facing house

Kitchen Vastu for east facing house

The kitchen of the vastu for east facing house should be towards the east. According to Vastu theory, the kitchen in the house should face south-east. If this is not possible then the North-West should also act. However, stay away from North, North-East and West directions. In a kitchen facing east or north-west, the person preparing food should face east or west. Install oven, toaster and cooking burner in south-east for good energy. As per the Vastu plan of an vastu for east facing house, the refrigerator and storage should be located in the south-west.

Master bedroom Vastu for east facing house

Master bedroom Vastu for east facing house

According to the Vastu design of the house, the master bedroom in an east-facing house should face south-west. The master bedroom should always have more space than other rooms. Vastu dictates that the best location for the bed is facing the south or west wall, with the feet facing north or east and the head facing south or west. The west or north direction of the master bedroom is the ideal location for the changing area. Additionally, the bathroom door should be closed at all times and should not be in front of the bed.

Living room Vastu for east facing house

Living room Vastu for east facing house

According to Vastu, the living room of an east-facing house should be in the north-east direction, which is lucky. Additionally, confirm that the east and north walls are slightly thinner and shorter than the west and south walls. This attracts prosperity and achievement in both personal and professional spheres.

Dining room Vastu for east facing house

Dining room Vastu for east facing house

In an east-facing house, the dining room and kitchen should be towards the east, west, or south. Additionally, the dining room door should not face the front door. According to the Vastu scheme, a person should sit with his back towards the east, north, or west. The family leader should sit towards the east, while other members can face east, north, or west

East facing house Vastu plan with pooja room

East facing house Vastu plan with pooja room

Temples should be kept in mind whenever you are designing the inside of the house. A temple is a sacred place where the idols of deities are installed, so it is important to keep the Vastu principles in mind while looking at the Vastu plan of east facing house with pooja room.

Following Vaastu principles, the puja room of an east-facing residence should face north-east. If the pooja room cannot be located at this location in an east-facing house, the Vastu layout also offers other directions, such as the north or east corner.

Verify that whoever is praying in the space is facing these ways. The ceiling of the puja room should be lower than the ceilings of other rooms.

Vastu design for east facing house is best when the pooja room is kept away from other areas like bathroom. Toilet and puja room should not be next to each other.

Study room Vastu in east-facing house

Vastu For East Facing House East Facing House | East Facing house Vastu Tips | ghar ka naksha vastu Vastu For East Facing House

According to Vastu, the study area in an east-facing flat should be on the east or west side of the house; North is the second best direction. But watch out that the study chair isn’t precisely behind the door.

There should also be an open space in front of the study table. If you have to keep the study table close to the wall, you can also leave a small space between it and the wall for the flow of energy.

Staircase Vastu in east-facing house

Vastu For East Facing House East Facing House | East Facing house Vastu Tips | ghar ka naksha vastu Vastu For East Facing House

According to Vastu, avoid placing stairs in the northeast corner of an east-facing house. The southeast or northwest corner of an east-facing property is the best location for a staircase.

There should not be stairs at the middle intersection of the house. The ladder should rotate in a clockwise direction at all times. Although no space should be created under the stairs storage can be kept there.

East facing house bathroom placement

Vastu For East Facing House East Facing House | East Facing house Vastu Tips | ghar ka naksha vastu Vastu For East Facing House

If you are constructing east-facing houses as per Vastu principles then the bathroom should be in the south-east or north-west direction of your house. Do not build toilets or other facilities towards the north-east.

vastu for east facing house wall colours

According to Vastu for east facing house, the concept that the house looks light and attractive should guide the choice of wall color for an east facing flat. As a result it should receive adequate sunlight. Additionally, make sure you choose a suitable color for the wall to maximize the brightness.vastu for east facing  house wall colours

Colors like green and blue are great choices vastu for east-facing house and apartments. Apart from creating a soothing ambiance, they enhance the visual appeal and sophistication of the room. Use a white and pale pink color scheme to create a minimalist ambiance.

vastu for East facing house wrong use of colors

If you paint an east facing house with light or dark colors, the positive energy may be absorbed instead of reflected. Choosing bright, light colors guarantees a balanced Vastu.

heavy furniture arrangement

A common mistake made by home owners is to place heavy furniture in the north or east of the house. This can create blockages in the living area and disrupt the natural flow of energy.

Decorative Elements Enhance Positive Energy

Positive energy can be increased by adding Vastu-friendly accessories like indoor plants and mirrors in your home. Careful installation of these components improves overall Vastu compliance.

vastu for East facing house Vastu: Tips for placing artwork and artefacts

According to Vastu for east facing house, a painting of the rising sun can be placed in an vastu for east-facing house and apartment to attract attention and enhance relationships with family and friends.vastu for painting of the rising sun

On the east-facing wall of the living room hangs a painting depicting seven horses running into the sea. It helps in withdrawing money. Green is the color associated with the air element, which controls the eastern direction.Seven Lucky Running Vastu Horses Art Framed Painting

According to Vastu Shastra, painting lush green fields, forests, trees, etc. is a symbol of progress. The eastern wall is a place to display these paintings. Place a picture of Laughing Buddha vastu for east facing house to promote harmony and happiness in the family.Laughing Buddha

Water tank Vastu for east-facing house

North-north-east is the best direction for an underground water tank. Another option for the location of the underground water tank is to go towards the east-north-east. South-west or west direction is ideal for water tanks built above ground. According to Vastu for east facing house, never keep the water tank in the center.

Balcony or open space Vastu for east facing house

Balcony or open space Vastu for east facing house

According to Vastu for east-facing house frequently has open areas on the east side. This is done to make sure there are no obstacles preventing sunlight from entering the house. Additionally, it dispels negative energy and encourages positive energy.

Therefore, a house with an east-facing vastu plan will benefit its occupants’ health. Blocking the east corner might cause health issues, including challenges in giving birth.

Make sure the eastern side of the house has enough room. If there is not enough room, make a tiny balcony.

Tips and advice vastu for east-facing house

Things to do for your vastu for east-facing house

  • Use a magnetic compass to ascertain the true direction of the east.
  • Make sure the main entrance is only located in either of the two suggested padas, Jayanta or Indra.
  • Compared to the walls in the south and west, the walls in the north and east should be marginally shorter and thinner.
  • The layout of the kitchen should face either north-west or south-east.
  • When cooking, arrange your kitchen so that you face either the west (in a north-west kitchen) or the east (in a south-east kitchen).
  • The living room and pooja room facing northeast are thought to be extremely fortunate.
  • The guest room can be arranged to face northwest.
  • A well-designed plot slopes from south to north.
  • The optimal master bedroom orientation is said to be southwest.
  • A wooden nameplate looks good if the entrance is facing east.
  • On the plot’s western and southern borders, the boundary wall ought to be higher.
  • The eastern and northern sides of the home should have more open space.
  • Ascertain that the roof slope faces east while designing a home facing east. It is fortunate to have the roof or sheets curve eastward.

Nothing to do with an vastu for east-facing house

  • Refrain from orienting yourself eastward based on the rising sun.
  • Avoid planting big trees in the east as this would obstruct the beneficial and valuable morning sunshine.
  • Avoid setting up a fountain or any other ornamental items outside the main door.
  • Refrain from putting the shoe rack facing east or south-east; additionally, do not purchase real estate facing west or south.
  • Septic tanks, restrooms, and bedrooms shouldn’t be located on the northeast corner.
  • Steer clear of designing the children’s room, guest bedroom, or master bedroom towards the northeast.
  • The northeast corner shouldn’t have a kitchen.
  • The house’s eastern and northern sides shouldn’t have any large trees.
  • The north and northeast corners should be free of debris, trash, dustbins, and other items.
  • Steer clear of designing the stairs and garage towards the northeast.
  • Verify that the northeast corner is free of any cuts or sharp edges.
  • A house’s main entrance should not be blocked by objects like power poles, trees, etc.
  • Blocking the east side entirely might cause bad energy to build up inside the house.

vastu for east facing house is a good thing?

It is a common misconception that larger houses in the East are more fortunate and prosperous. The luckiest houses are those that are wider and lower on the east side than in other directions.

Some people also think that living in an east-facing house can help in win huge amounts of money. However, purchasing such a house is not advisable, as it may not be beneficial for some individuals.

Vastu experts say that the direction of a house is not enough to identify its complete Vastu. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, and pooja room are some of the rooms whose location affects things. If these rooms are arranged properly as per Vaastu then there is prosperity in the house.

Who are the right people vastu for east facing house?

Every home, like every person, is unique, according to Vastu consultants. Not everyone fits in every home. The Sun is the main fixture in an vastu for east-facing house and is associated with positions of leadership, strength, and grace. In addition, air, agility, inventiveness, focus, and protection are associated with the East.

  • Those with enterprises or who work in government offices should live in east-facing dwellings.
  • Aside from this, creative workers like jewelers, writers, photographers, and dancers, as well as artists, benefit from having their residences facing east.
  • People in the travel sector, event management, academia, and business are the best candidates for east-facing residences.

vastu for East facing house design as per astrology

To determine whether an east-facing house front door is a good choice for a person, it is also necessary to review one’s horoscope. It is advisable to take the head of the family’s astrological chart into consideration when living in a household with multiple members, each with their astrological chart.

In a similar vein, the owner of a commercial property’s astrological chart must be considered.Make sure to determine whether an east-facing home is in harmony with the occupant’s stars before making a purchase. It is crucial to take into account the residents of the house’s astrological calculations for this. In this manner, the best course of action for that particular person will be known.

The Sun is a planet that dominates the east direction in astrology. Therefore, if the sun’s position is unfavorable in an individual’s astrological chart, living in an east-facing residence might not be advantageous for them.

According to Vastu, those with specific sun signs will find an east-facing plot or property to be highly advantageous. These are the sun signs:

  • Mesha (Aries)
  • Simha (Leo)
  • Dhanus (Sagittarius)

Which rashi works best for a vastu for east facing house?

Homes with an easterly orientation are thought to be advantageous for Tula Rashi (Libra) residents.

vastu for East-facing house: Typical Vastu issues

  • There may be some bad energy in the east direction if you are having trouble gaining attention, dealing with health problems, or experiencing strained relationships within the family.
  • The existence of stairs, restrooms, or kitchens in the eastern direction may be the cause of this. Front doors that open outward and face east are another prevalent Vastu flaw.
  • Vastu also states that there shouldn’t be an odd number of doors overall and that the count shouldn’t finish at zero.
  • Negative energy is also brought in from the eastern direction by excessive clutter. Owners of east-facing properties should maintain good ventilation and airflow.

Plants vastu for east-facing home

vastu for East facing plot Vastu tips

On an east-facing house property, the entrance of the main house should always face east. There is a widespread belief that the direction of the plot indicates a luck component. However, the fate of an east-facing plot depends on the direction and location of the entrance.

A “T” junction scheme should be avoided from all angles. Stay away from the veedhi shoola, or road focus, which leads to the southeast corner of the plot. Plots with north-to-south slopes should be avoided. Select a land that has an auspicious gentle slope from south to north.

Customization without compromising Vastu for east facing house principles

While Vastu provides guidelines, it is necessary to balance them with personal preferences. Learn how to customize your vastu for east facing house without compromising on basic Vastu principles

Finding a Harmonious Balance

Creating a harmonious living space involves striking a balance between Vastu recommendations and your unique lifestyle. This section provides practical tips for achieving this delicate balance.

Study the matter

Real Life Examples of Vastu Transformation

Explore inspiring case studies where homeowners have implemented Vastu principles in their vastu for east facing house, bringing positive changes to their lives and living spaces.

Success Stories of Better Places to Live

Find first-hand accounts from individuals who have experienced improved health, wealth, and overall well-being through the application of Vastu in their homes.

Expert advice and consultation

Role of Vastu experts

For those seeking professional guidance, click here.


Making your house Vastu compliant, vastu for East facing house

In the tapestry of home design, the importance of Vastu for an east-facing home emerges as a guiding force, weaving together ancient wisdom and modern life. As we conclude this insightful journey, it becomes clear that the intentional alignment of your home with the East direction can usher in a harmonious symphony of positivity.

By adopting Vaastu principles, you not only optimize the physical layout but also tap into stores of positive energy. The morning sun, a symbol of renewal and vitality, becomes a steadfast ally in creating a space that resonates with well-being and prosperity.

As you start implementing Vastu in your east-facing home, remember that every adjustment, from the strategic placement of entrances to the careful selection of colors, contributes to the overall harmony. The success stories and case studies presented in this guide serve as evidence of the real impact of aligning your living space with the forces that govern Vastu.

In short, Vastu for East facing home is a transformational journey – one that goes beyond Vaastu guidelines and becomes a conscious effort to fill your home with positive energy. May your living space be a testament to the balance, prosperity and happiness that Vastu strives to bring.

As the sun rises on every new day, let it illuminate not only your home but also your life, filling it with the bright energies that Vastu for East facing home so graciously provides. May your home be a haven of positivity, and may you continue to explore the limitless possibilities of harmonizing your living space with the eternal wisdom of Vastu.

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