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Why would you go with NakshaVastu.com

We want to improve everyone’s quality of life by making designs that meet and exceed national and international standards affordable. Our focus on the little things and our friendly customer service. From the first meeting to the completion of the working drawings, we approach every new project with passion and expertise, working to make it as quick and stress-free as possible for our clients.

Why Buy from NakshaVastu.com?

Naksha Vastu, a purportedly established provider of architectural services, has reportedly been in the market since 2010. The company is reportedly expanding daily, learning more, and receiving praise for its work from clients both domestically and internationally.

NakshaVastu.com has a strong commitment to meeting all of its clients’ needs and ensuring their happiness while they work on their ideal projects.

Since we build each home as though we were going to live there ourselves, we are fully dedicated to earning your happiness with the quality and service of our work. We are one of the most reputable and important sources in the business for house plans, small house plans, duplex house plans, 3D front elevations, and interior and architectural designs of all kinds. To help you feel comfortable when creating with us, consider the following additional points:

Reason to Choose Us?


Internet-Based Service Supplier

Going with a local vendor or anything similar means you probably have to spend half of your time traveling; NakshaVastu.com provides the solution. Since we are an online architectural consultant, we communicate via email, chat, WhatsApp, and phone calls, which saves you 70% of the time. With that in mind, why travel when you can complete your designs while lounging in the comfort of your own home?

Expert Guidance of Profession Team

We have an innovative & and expert team of professional architects so we provide expert guidance to make your dream home and a Completed solution of Architecture design with detailed drawings. Our Expert team supports you till late at night and on weekends as well.


Countless Unique Designs

No one can match the experience, quality, and creativity of our architecture plans, 3D elevations, Exterior, and interior collection that NakshaVastu.com has completed on thousands of projects in various locations in India and around the world. It is our responsibility to present you with the thousands of designs we have created exclusively for our clients.

Customer Satisfaction-Oriented Service

As we have stated above NakshaVastu.com is highly devoted to customer satisfaction and we understand the anxiety and uncertainty most of the customers face when they are going to build their dream project whether it is a dream house, restaurant, or any other architecture design. It sometimes seems confusing whether to go with this or that, we at NakshaVastu.com give you a hundred percent assurance to satisfy you with our creative, customized, and exclusive designs. We are here whenever you need us, with a customer service team that is unparalleled in the industry. We at NakshaVastu.com offer customer satisfaction-oriented service so that they can make their dream project easily with our professional guidance and coordination in an effective manner.

Cost Effective Plans with Competitive Service Charges

NakshaVastu.com understands that each individual has their taste, need, preference, and budget, hence, here we are designing ”Floor Plans” ”3D Elevations” “Exteriors” and “Interiors” for your dream project in the most cost-effective way. Since we love to satisfy our customers here we provide free modifications in the designs, hence you’ll also save big Bingo!!! We are here to give services to as many people as we can so the cost shouldn’t be a barrier to this therefore we have set a very standard cost for the designing services.

Delivery of Drawings on Time and More Quickly

When you can get in hours, why would you wait for a home plan for days or weeks? Many factors might cause delays in the construction process; why should the design phase be one of them? Our dedicated team works for quicker delivery of drawings at your convenience. As an online provider of architecture services, we share all of your ideas online.

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Vastu Consultancy
Vastu Consultancy 99%
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Site Supervision 54%

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Step one towards the house of your dreams

naksha vastu take your design to the next level. NakshaVastu.com offers 

Naksha Vastu.com offers customized house designs based on your requirements, considering Vastu Shastra as an ancient architecture design science. They focus on creating a comfortable and auspicious house, considering factors such as ventilation, light inflow, and module grouping. Their services provide a wide range of possibilities and opportunities at affordable fixed prices, allowing clients to save money on architect fees. The professional design team works on your requirements exclusively, ensuring client satisfaction. Naksha Vastu.com allows you to communicate directly with the designer about your requirements and desires, ensuring a unique and comfortable home. Start designing with Naksha Vastu and experience the best in home design.

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