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About Naksh Vastu

Naksha Vastu is an architectural design firm founded by engineer Ajay Kumar and our team. Our headquarters is located in Kabirchak, Darbhanga, Bihar, India, combining the principles of Naksha, the art of architectural design with the time-tested knowledge of Vastu Shastra. With over 9+ years of experience, we have completed over 9,999+ projects in over 99+ cities across the globe. Naksha Vastu now provides cost effective house plan design services including floor plans, elevations and technical drawings. We are ready for one-time improvements to meet customer needs.

Our Story

Naksha Vastu, our team of passionate architects and designers, has been providing offline services since 2010 and has completed more than 9,999+ projects across India. Since the launch of NakshaVastu.com in the year 2024, the company has expanded its services to include Architectural Design, 3D Elevation, 3D Home Exterior, 3D Home Interior and technical drawings such as structural, working plumbing and electrical drawings. Naksha Vastu has also launched services like 3D floor plans and video walkthroughs on request from builders and private customers. Taking inspiration from Vastu Shastra, the company aims to create spaces that, beyond aesthetics, resonate with positive energy and balance. With the hard work and dedication of our team, Naksha Vastu has been serving more and more clients demonstrating the transformative power of holistic design.

Harmony in Design

Our approach goes beyond mere design. We strive to create spaces that are in harmony with the natural energy around us. The design of Naksha Vastu is a blend of contemporary aesthetics and ancient principles, ensuring that your space is a haven of balance and positivity. We know that building a house is like a dream come true. Whatever house we plan to build, it will feel as if we have our own house and we will live in it ourselves and make our dream of home come true. Our aim is to offer home plans that enhance the quality of the home. Every person’s dream of comfortable housing with an original layout can come true.

Broad Expertise

Ranging from residential to commercial, industrial to educational buildings and encompassing both interior and exterior projects, Map offers a wide range of architectural design services. Our expertise lies in creating spaces that meet functional needs while adopting the principles of Vastu Shastra. Our current goal is to provide a platform of connection for all vendors including partners, suppliers, contractors etc. by creating a single platform for all services. With customers as needed. Naksha Vastu believes in sustainable development, hence its aim is commercial and social development.

Customer-focused methodology

At the core of Naksha Vastu is our commitment to our customers. We understand that each project is unique, and we tailor our designs to reflect your aspirations and lifestyle. The best indicator of our success is how satisfied you are. We learned how to set it up and gained some expertise, and we were ready to receive and welcome recommendations and feedback. We give our 100% efforts to make designing easy for all customers. Feel free to call or email us and send us your questions or comments to help improve your experience at Naksha Vastu!!!

our mission

Naksha Vastu Design is a leading provider of architecture and visualization services. Focusing on creating inspiring and energetic environments, we have expanded our services to include online interior design. Our mission is to provide customized architectural design, visualization and walkthrough services worldwide, our goal is to create a world where architecture is more than just structures, our goal is to exceed clients’ expectations and simplify the process of building the perfect home. Let’s make it entertaining together.

meet the Team

Our architectural team at Naksha Vastu uses creative minds and advanced technology to create unique works. Our team of skilled architects, designers and Vaastu experts is dedicated to blending creativity and ancient wisdom in every project. Our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from other designing firms, ensuring a high-quality experience.


Naksha Vastu is a Vastu-inspired design firm that provides comprehensive assistance to clients on any queries regarding house planning, architecture, exterior design, interior design and Vastu Shastra. Their goal is to make the design process informative and creative.

Connect With Us

Reach out on WhatsApp or give us a call for the best home design plan services experience

why choose us ?

why choose us ?


Professional Architects

improve your exterior and interior design to a new level. We are a full-service home design company renowned for our customized client-focused approach. With a focus on both commercial and residential design, we bring to every project our creative workflow, passionate expertise, and verified design skill. Next Level Vastu for the home and guidelines following . A group of creative, driven experts is prepared to completely change your area. We are here to help you at all times.

Affordable Price

We design high-quality home map with all the required standard features plan in a very affordable price.


On-Time Delivery

We make interior and exterior map of house floor plan design fast and deliver within 24 hours of promised time frame.

Incredible Design with Vastu

Vastu Shastra according layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and planning for an Incredible Design map in home exterior and interior spaces are provided in ideas.

Friendly Support

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with world-class customer support even after we’ve delivered the project.

Take a step towards your dream home

naksha vastu take your design to the next level. NakshaVastu.com offers 

Considering Vastu Shastra an ancient architectural design science, customized home designs based on your needs.
They focus on creating a comfortable and auspicious home considering factors such as ventilation, light flow and module grouping.
Their services offer a wide range of possibilities and opportunities at affordable fixed prices, allowing clients to save money on architect fees.
The professional design team works specifically on your needs, ensuring customer satisfaction.
NakshVastu.com allows you to communicate directly with the designer about your needs and desires, ensuring a unique and comfortable home.
Start designing with Naksh Vastu and experience the best home design.

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