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Customized House Designs

If you are thinking of building your dream house, office, shop, bungalow, or anything else then will prove to be your perfect platform. Naksha Vastu is an emerging online consultancy in the field of architecture. Naksha Vastu services as per your needs and requirements is providing customized design. Indian architecture the traditional element of Vastu we take care satisfaction is our priority, providing customized services to meet each of your expectations Naksha Vastu dream.

A perfect platform which provides customized designing services.

place your order

1. Order or buy from the website, call, mail, or WhatsApp.
2. pay on digitally like UPI, QR code, transfer to bank account, etc.
3. Upload the image, and screenshot your payment details.
4. fill out our query and form along with your plot details and basic requirements.
5. One of our consultants will brief you on our services and procedures.


Discovering What You Need

After your acceptance of the services that are being offered, you will be paired with a architecture designer. In order to fully understand your requirements, we will be having a few rounds of conversations with you.


Concept Designing

With your specifications, the story, and Vastu in mind, the designer will create a recommended concept design for your approval and comments. Please be prepared to take some time awayfrom your busy schedule to talk about it.


Modification and Correction

It’s time to talk with your design engineer about the necessary adjustments and revisions after going over the concept design with your family. Your feedback will be taken into account by the designer when creating the updated design. We’ll repeat this till you’re satisfied.

Design Handover

All of the drawings will be mailed to you in PDF format to the project’s finish, or soft copies per request, by regular mail. Please note that if you prefer to receive the drawings in a different format or via email, kindly inform us in advance so that we can accommodate your request accordingly. Additionally, we ensure that the PDF files will be securely packaged to prevent any damage during transit.

Online Support

Our collaboration doesn’t stop when we deliver the project the finished design; we continue to offer phone and online consulting services while the project is being executed. Our group is committed to making sure the design is successfully and smoothly executed. We provide continuous assistance and direction to resolve any problems or inquiries that might come up throughout the implementation procedure.

Connect With Us

Reach out on WhatsApp or give us a call for the best home design plan services experience

Frequently Asked Questions.

still have any doubts in mind?
Don’t worry just write us your concern we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Naksha Vastu is an arrangement of architectural design principles and Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science focusing on creating harmonious living and working spaces. We apply these principles to enhance the well-being and positive energy of a space.

While regular architecture focuses on aesthetics and functionality, Naksha Vastu adds a layer of ancient wisdom. Our designs not only look good but are also aligned with positive energy flow, creating spaces that contribute to holistic well-being.

Our pricing depends on the plan design, the total area of the land plot, and the required details.. For best offer kindly get in touch with our expert for free consultation.

Our consultations involve a thorough understanding of your needs, space, and aspirations. We then integrate Naksha Vastu principles into the design, ensuring a customized approach that resonates positively with your lifestyle.

We specialize in designing residential, commercial, industrial, and educational buildings. Our services extend to interior and exterior projects, including planning, drafting specification documents, and problem-solving with Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra guides our design decisions, influencing factors such as layout, orientation, and spatial arrangement. This philosophy aims to create balanced and positive energy flow within a space.

Absolutely! Our designs seamlessly blend ancient Vastu principles with modern aesthetics. The result is a timeless and elegant design that reflects contemporary trends while ensuring harmony.

Getting started is easy! Kindly contact us using the information on our contact page. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to understand your requirements and discuss how Naksha Vastu can bring positive transformations to your space.

Yes, we do only for Bihar state. Our Vastu audits involve a detailed analysis of existing structures, and we provide recommendations to enhance the energy flow and overall Vastu compliance.

No. we are the space manager, and our team tries to fit out the best possible layout in whatever plot size.

In accordance with our work, quality, and services, our fees are reasonable and market-standard

We accept All forms type of Electronic Money Transfer. Cash on delivery is not available

We will send digital format you the concept plan via email and WhatsApp in PDF format.

All plan purchases are final. No refunds or exchanges. Before you buy any plans, we strongly advise you to contact us with any queries and make sure you have selected the appropriate plan for your needs.

We will discuss your requirements and then will make exclusive designs and make corrections and modifications.

Get in touch with us by filling up our query form available on our website, you can also mail us at, or call or WhatsApp us at +91 – 9472194662.

Mainly, being an online designing consultant, we provide consultation on call, WhatsApp, video call, email, etc. This service is currently available only for the state of Bihar, with the option of a site visit for onsite consultation. But with time we are expanding and adding more districts and states. For more details please call us at +91 9472194662

We can provide the materials if the customer needs them because we have many partners. Also, give an online link to the material. Whatever material is available online.

Completion of the project varies depending on the requirements (like plot size, number of floors, etc.). The standard time to complete a readymade house design is 24 hours and approximately 9 to 18 days. Completion time also depends on timely comments and payment as per payment terms.

No, plan approval from the local authority can be done with the help of a local engineer.

No, Naksha Vastu does not do construction work as of now, but we can suggest a good contractor in your location (for selected cities/locations only).

You can use the customized search feature on our website’s home page in order to click on order the types of plans that appear by entering what features you are looking for or need. After choosing which plan best suits your needs, you can buy it. We will choose a representative for your project after you purchase the plan, and the Naksha Vastu team is for fulfill all of your requirements.

We are an architectural firm based in Darbhanga Bihar, India. Our lead architects have over nine years of experience in this field respectively. Our office infrastructure and team includes architects, interior designers, architectural draftsmen, computer 3D modelling, designer experts and consultants for structural engineering and building services design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step one towards the house of your dreams

naksha vastu take your design to the next level. offers 

Naksha offers customized house designs based on your requirements, considering Vastu Shastra as an ancient architecture design science. They focus on creating a comfortable and auspicious house, considering factors such as ventilation, light inflow, and module grouping. Their services provide a wide range of possibilities and opportunities at affordable fixed prices, allowing clients to save money on architect fees. The professional design team works on your requirements exclusively, ensuring client satisfaction. Naksha allows you to communicate directly with the designer about your requirements and desires, ensuring a unique and comfortable home. Start designing with Naksha Vastu and experience the best in home design.

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