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Here at Naksha Vastu, we create an environment where exceptional individuals with imaginative, inquiring minds and a strong desire to provide tasteful solutions develop. Our multinational team of structural engineers, civil engineers, architects, 3D designers, and interior designers collaborates to create environments that inspire joy, healing, and outstanding performance. We fund research, scholarships, and technology discovery to push the limits of design because we think it should serve the greater good.

Recent Jobs:~

Lead Consultant / Assistant Team Leader

  1. Required Skill Set
    In-depth knowledge of performance metrics
    Computer proficiency
    Excellent communication and leadership
  2. Job Description
    Manage the operation and admin
    Train, coach, lead, and motivate the team
    Assist Managers/Mentors in Sales Strategy Development
    Keep Information on all the services
    Delegate tasks and set deadlines
    Set sales target
    Monitor team & and individual performance
    Prepares Sales Report
  3. Department: Consulting
    Experience : 3 to 5 years
    Education Qualification:Any Graduate or Postgraduate

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How does working with us feel? Ask any of our team members, past or present. Since we support open reviews on Glassdoor, we are an OpenCompany. We cordially invite you to learn more about Naksha Vastu’s employment opportunities.

Students' Internships

The internship class that works on projects about architecture, interior design, urban planning, and graphic design is supported by Naksha Vastu. However, there is also an internship available for business consultants. Our interns collaborate with our project teams to obtain real-world experience and acquire insight into what it takes to be employed by a top international design company. Many of our best interns go on to work full-time for Naksha Vastu once they graduate.

Assistant Team Lead (Technical)

  1. Required Skill Set
    Team Handling,
    Project Management,
    Client Handling
  2. Job Description
    Supports Architectural teams ( Interior, MEP, Architectural background preferred )
    Good understanding of Architectural drawings and their execution.
    Coordinate drawings with architectural & and engineering consultants.
    Oversee the full design and detailed drawing creation process.
    Verify that the design’s criteria and quality are being upheld.
    Material Knowledge outsourcing and within in team.
    Maintain training and quality of the Technical team.
    Understanding client requirements and completing their project within TAT with zero escalation
  3. Department: Technical Department
    Experience: 5 to 9 years
    Education Qualification: B. Arch, Degree in Civil.

Plumbing And Drainage Engineer (Civil Engineer)

  1. Required Skill Set
    Drainage & Plumbing Analysis, AutoCAD, Project Management, Client Handling.
  2. Job Description
    Plans and specifications must be reviewed by the MEP engineer following the plan.
    MEP Engineer has to prepare plans, details, specifications, and cost estimates of plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and general piping systems.
    Regarding the installation and upkeep of the MEP System, the staff designer, supervisor, inspector, and contracting service provider must receive technical assistance from the MEP Engineer.
    The MEP System must identify and develop solutions for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering issues.
    MEP Engineer has to identify problems in the design, planning, management, and delivery of multiple projects
  3. Department: Technical
    Experience: 6 months to 2 years (new applicants may be eligible for training or internships)
    Education Qualification: Degree or Diploma in Civil

Structure Engineer

  1. Required Skill Set
    Software: Structure analysis, project management, client handling, Staadpro or Etabs, Autocad.
  2. Job Description
    Create architectural designs for residential buildings.
    Utilizing computer-aided design software, create structural models
    Measure the pressures and stresses brought on by human or environmental influence.
  3. Department: Technical
    Experience: 6 months–2 years (new applicants may be eligible for training or internships)
    Education Requirement: M.Tech in Structures or a Civil Engineering Diploma.

Junior Civil Planner/ Architect

  1. Required Skill Set
    Expertise in building, particularly in residential construction
    Utilizing AutoCAD as an architect,
    High precision and speed drafting in AutoCAD for project management, client handling, and planning
    solid understanding of Vaastu
    Diploma holder, Civil Engineer, Draughtsman
  2. Job Scope
    Using specialized computer-aided design (CAD) software and manual labor to create architectural designs and incredibly detailed drawings
    Communicating with building experts regarding the viability of prospective projects
    closely collaborating with a group of other experts, including construction managers and building service engineers.
    describing the project’s requirements in detail
    modifying plans in light of new information and resolving any issues that may emerge while building
    participating in the administration of teams and projects
    Consult with customers to ascertain their needs
    Find creative and useful answers to complicated design problems.
    Syncs team objectives with the organization’s vision. must keep a client-focused approach
  3. The Technical Department is the department.
    Experience: between 6 months to 2 years (new applicants may be eligible for training or internships).

Interior Designer

  1. Required Skill Set
    Preferred: AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, interior design, project management, and client handling
  2. Job Description
    Outline client design objectives
    Conceptualize and sketch design plans
    Give yourself a deadline to complete the interior design project.
    Plans contain sources for items and materials
    Make use of software applications during the design stages.
    After the design is finished, examine it to see if the client’s objectives were achieved.
    Examine and keep up with developments, changes, and best practices in the field.
  3. Department: Technical
    Experience: 6 months to 2 years (new applicants may be eligible for training or internships)
    Education Qualification: Degree or Diploma in Interior

3D Designer

  1. Required Skill Set
    Elevation Design, Project Management, 3Ds Max, and Client Handling enthusiastic 3D designer with a track record of success in architectural design. Strong logical and analytical abilities are required. expert level proficiency with AutoCAD 3D, 3Ds Max/Sketchup, and 3D design Essential, BIM Optimal
  2. Job Description
    Models of residential houses are made by utilizing 3D modeling, texturing, mapping, and other methods.
    recognizing the needs of the project and coming up with original concepts.
    interacting with clients to go over and review deadlines and projects.
  3. Department: Technical
    Experience: 6 months to 2 years (new applicants may be eligible for training or internships)
    Education Qualification: Degree or Diploma in Civil

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